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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  May 1, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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photos of he and his wife. >> they were next to each other. now it's gone. >> reporter: these conditions and gusting winds are forcing an early start to the fire season. >> we're gearing up fast. i wouldn't say we're behind the power curve. it won't take us long to get up to speed. >> reporter: as we bring you back out here live. i'm told the water drops will continue with the helicopters until about sun down tonight. meantime fire investigators are trying to figure out the cause of this fire. i am told at this point it doesn't appear to be suspicious. crews are hoping to have this fire, the yellow fire fully contained by about this time tomorrow. live in sonoma county, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we just spoke to cal fire about another fire that is now 100% contained. firefighters say it broke out just before midnight. it burned about 75 acres and destroyed a barn. no homes were threatened or
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damaged. coming up at 6, dozens of firefighters are there and want to help. why they can only watch and are not able to respond to any of those fires burning. now to bill martin. bill, are the conditions getting any better? >> getting better. the winds last night got howling through those areas that have the fires. wind gusts are up around 40 miles per hour. here's where alex was in this area. these are automated weather stations. they give us up to the moment temperatures and humidity. it's 84 degrees and 9% humidity at this station. 8% humidity at this one. humidities are low. temperatures are high. check out the winds. calm at this station. northeast at 6. so the winds have really backed off. the firefighters will tell you, winds are your biggest enemy in a fire fight like this in these zones. red flag warning is going away at 6:00. that doesn't mean we don't have
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some fire danger. check out the winds right now. notice the direction of these winds. that's a northerly wind. that's a dangerous direction. it's a dry direction. kind of strong in fairfield. fire danger will continue. one bit of hope in relief is the west winds showing up at sfo. that's a sea breeze. it's very limited. only making it about this far inland. we're talking about a day tomorrow that's going to have more heat-related advisories. what that means here in about 10 minutes. >> and you can find any weather alerts for the bay area at any time by going to our website, there is a link at the top of the page. you can also get them by downloading the ktvu app for your mobile device. winds are helping to fuel a fast moving wild fire in riverside county. right now evacuations and street closures are in effect in several neighborhoods just south of the fire. the fire broke out about 12:30 this afternoon.
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already it's burned through 1500-acres. riverside county fire officials worry if winds from the east continue to drive the flames, communities in cherry valley could be affected. now to san francisco where there is a large mayday rally being held tonight. hundreds, possibly thousands of people marched down mission street towards civic center plaza. they just arrived there in the past 15 minutes or so. these are live pictures from news chopper 2. this is one of several mayday marchs going on throughout the bay area. rob roth is on the ground there right now. what's going on? >> reporter: we want to take you inside the crowd here at civic center plaza. at least a thousand people are here. the plaza is about half full. the rally includes speeches, music. this has been a peaceful day of protest. it began with a march from 24th street in the mission district to the civic center.
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a least a dozen groups participating. the mile-an-hour seemed to grow. an issue is immigration reform. people say they want improvements on the proposed immigration bill. the senate judiciary committee, which includes diane feinstein is said to vote on it next week. >> it's a pretty important to be out here so we can advocate for fraud. we see this year as actually us winning at immigration reform. we've been battling it out for years to get to this point. >> reporter: demonstrators say it excludes millions of people who came to the u.s. after 2011 and that it disqualifies from citizenship anyone with a felony conviction or more than two misdemeanors. we met students on the march. >> that will give me the opportunity to go to school and to like live with more respect.
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>> reporter: we're back live at the rally. it's still going strong. and could go on for at least another hour or more. we've seen police, they've kept a low profile. they're mostly facilitating traffic and keeping an eye on what's been going on. it's been a peaceful but loud day of protest in san francisco. reporting live, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. a judge in san francisco today sentenced jesse nesbitt to two years in state prison. he's recorded on video throwing a brick and pipe from a rooftop during an occupy protest. no one was hurt. he pleaded guilty to assault with a deadly weapon. now to oakland where protesters are beginning to gather at the site of oakland city hall. you see here what we see. a number of protesters, about a couple dozen people are arriving here. you see employers are
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referenced there. the group that is gathering here is part of the fight for 15 campaign. it's similar to a movement happening in new york city. essentially people are gathering to ask the mayor to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour from its current $8. that is what they call a livable wage. so people are now gathering at oakland city hall. they are preparing to march at 6:00. they have said they plan to rally, march and make noise through downtown oakland. they say they are hoping to expose the corporations who they say thrive off what they call low wage labor. specifically, this group is asking for the city of oakland to increase its minimum wage to $15 an hour. people are still gathering here. we expect them to start marching at 6:00. we'll keep our crew there at the scene and bring you live pictures of this and other protests throughout this newscast and of course on ktvu
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channel 2 news at 6. earlier, members of labor unions celebrated international workers day with a demonstration. the group says it wants to show its support for working class men and women in san francisco. and ready to mobilize in support of organized labor and the community's work force. >> to make sure there's opportunities for folks to have sustainable lives. >> reporter: the group is made up of members and was organized by a supervisor. another protest is happening in downtown san jose. we'll bring you that in just 6 minutes. investigators in the boston marathon bombings announced they have arrested three more suspects. they were all college friends with one of the accused
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bombers. >> they made three additional arrests. they're working on the investigation of this crime. >> boston mayor thomas menino praised police for tracking down three more suspects. all three attended the university of massachusetts with dzhokhar tsarnaev. dias kadyrbayev and azamat tazhayakov are from kazakhstan. the third suspect, robel phillipos, is a u.s. citizen. the students found a backpack containing fireworks, emptied of gun powder and a laptop computer in tsarnaev's dorm room. they allegedly threw trim in a dumpster. >> he did not know that this individual was involved in a bombing. his first inkling came much later. the government allegations as far as that he saw photo and recognized him immediately we
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dispute. >> all three suspects appeared in court today. two are being charged with conspiring to obstruct justice. the third is being charged with lying to investigators. the suspects are being held without bail. they are due back in court in another two weeks. ebay officials said they're monitoring their listings to make sure no one uses the site to profit from the boston marathon bombings. it does not allow listings that attempt to profit from human suffering or tragedy. one marathon medal will remain up for auction. he wanted to quote, make something good from something bad. he says he plans to donate any proceeds to the american red cross. a piece of 9/11 history was salvaged in new york city today that brought back memories to those who witnessed the event. >> eerie feeling knowing that was sitting here 11 years later removing that part. >> surveyors had found a 250- pound section of an airplane last week in an alley near the
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world trade center. today police officers used a pulley to lift it out of the alley, then hauled it to a storage facility in brooklyn. >> it's a piece of history. we tried to preserve it as best we could. retried not to cut it or not to change it in any fashion so we could get it out in the same way we discovered it. >> it was part after wing that likely belonged to one of the two hijacked planes. it could be put on display in a museum. the city's medical examiner announced there were no human remains in that area. san jose police gave the all clear sign at the scene of a bomb scare. a female employee found a suspicious package on park more avenue this morning. there was also a threatening note attached to the package. they evacuated 70 employees from the building and called in the bomb squad. the bag was later declared harmless.
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there's no word on impactly what was inside or what was written on the note. police are now saying they do not believe an attempted kidnapping is linked to the debt of an 8-year-old girl. yesterday police arrested a man who tried to kidnap a toddler about 50 miles away from where layla fowler was stabbed to death on saturday. investigators say the link to the murder is a quote, shot in the dark. a small plane made a hard landing this afternoon at oakland international airport. no one was hurt here. news chopper 2 was right overhead. it came in with its nose gear up and ended up in the grass next to the general aviation runway. this happened about 2:45. this closed the run way for about two hours. no commercial flights were affected. immigration marchs and rallies are going on in san jose today. we'll show you the turnover and why emotions are running so
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high this year. and potentially dangerous product that has californians going after two grocery stores well known for catering toward people seeking a healthy lifestyle.
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happening now, a mayday protest in the south bay with a similar message to those we've been showing you. >> reporter: we're at san jose city hall. people are waiting for the marchers to arrive. it's winding through downtown and should get here any minute for a rally to cap off a full day of loud support for immigration reform. there were two marchs that started at two different locations. both began about half hour ago. one from a popular latino
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shopping center. the other at a parish which kicked off with a rally. people emphasized immigration reform is about community. >> we're uniting people. life experiences, reuniting labor and business. we will march together toward the future. >> we will be heard. our community will be noticed. will be taken seriously. you can't take our votes and people for granted. >> reporter: many of the people say they have a personal stake in seeing immigration reform happen now. some were youngsters. >> immigrant wes don't wake up one day saying we are going to migrate. it's a difficult decision to make. >> one vote for 11 million imgrain grants to get their papers. the people that are already deported to come back with
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their family. >> reporter: we will talk to a leading congressional person on what impact these demonstrations really have. all coming up at 6. live in san jose, ktvu channel 2 news. breaking news in oakland, news chopper 2 over the scene of what we understand is a pedestrian accident. we're live over a couple of police cars in oakland at 7th avenue and east 12th street. this is just to the east of interstate 880. we understand a pedestrian was hit in the street. we just were watching this picture live a moment ago. we did see an ambulance pull away from the scene. there is a crowd of people gathered watching here.
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we did see someone being taken away in an ambulance. this is happening at 7th avenue and east 12th street. we do not believe this person is related in any way to the mayday marchers and protests we've been covering for you. those marchs taking place in other parts of oakland, not here at 7th avenue and east 12th street. once we find out how the pedestrian is doing, what may have led to this collision, we let you know. a judge has determined that two young daughters will receive monthly support from the estate of a multimillionaire. the judge says today there's clear evidence the girls are the daughters of robby kumra and the judge awarded them each $1800 a month. kumra was killed last november by suspected gang members. his ex-wife and grown daughters claim the young girls were just the result of a sperm donor arrangement. the girls mother denies that saying he loved his younger
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daughters as family. whole foods and trader joes are among the retailers that the state of california is accusing of selling tainted candy. the attorney general's office has filed a lawsuit saying the ginger and plum candies have lead in them and they don't carry the warning label that california law requires. it lists the maker of the candy. so far no response from trader joe's war whole foods. get a test, get a discount. offer from more than 30 businesses. the idea originated with the san francisco health department to encourage regular hiv and std testing. those men will get coupons for discounts at participating businesses. the program started today. it continues through the end of october. faculty members spoke out in support of an oakland charter school that may be forced to close its doors. the high school has received national recognition for academic achievement, but school district officials have accused the school of financial
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mismanagement. they say they've made big changes. parents pleaded to keep the school open. >> i think it's a great school for the kids. it's not like whatever financial problem, i believe -- the chance of management support. what support is close to the school. >> the american indian charter school has hired a new director and financial management team. a decision on whether to close the school is expected next month. >> at the beginning of this newscast we talked about the fires happening in wine country. pretty much wherever you r chances are you or someone you know is wearing shorts and a t- shirt. >> yeah. things are interesting. strong fire winds last night. you see white caps. that's an on shore flow. that's a cool sea breeze.
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temperatures are dropping around the bay. this helps a bit. temperatures begin to cool down. fire danger relaxes. we have a red flag warning. once that goes away we'll see cooling around the bay with that westerly wind. temperatures are going to stay warm. i'll show you what i mean in a moment. currently 86 in napa. 86 in antioch. upper 70s along the coast. here's the big story, national weather service has issued a heat advisory for tomorrow. basically for the entire bay area. this comes when you have urban areas like san francisco out on the avenues, places in oakland that don't have air- conditioning typically. so when you get temperatures near 90 in san francisco, temperatures in oakland near 90 or at 90, national weather service ponies up with a heat advisory. that's what we'll see tomorrow. records possible. number of records. it's just going to be a very
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warm day. winds that are slightly offshore are going to clock more offshore tomorrow. when they do, that's when things start to heat up. hot day tomorrow is going to bring temperatures well above the average. san francisco, one of the areas where the heat advisory is issued for. 6:00 a.m., 60 degrees. this is just san francisco downtown. 10:00 a.m., 78 degrees. as you get into about 88 degrees at noon or around 2:00, so it's very warm. thing with san francisco, or san jose, or oakland or any big city. you have a lot of concrete heating up. 88 degrees, ambient air temperature. on market street that's going to feel like 94, 95 degrees. heat advisory in effect tomorrow. it's hot. we'll break some records. all the specifics like the actual forecast for your city. in the five day forecast which does include more heat. waiting more than a year
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for benefits while executives get big bonuses. what an investigation has uncovered about veterans waiting for help from the va and the big perks those in charge are receiving. just in time, shuttered by budget problems, the bay area county that reopened a fire station today and why it may not stay open for long. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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the east contra costa fire district increased its man power by 20% today with the reopening of a closed fire
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station. crews at station 54 in brentwood were gearing up for the first day of operation in 10 months and the first red flag warning of the year. the chief says it was just a coincidence that the red flag warning and the station reopening happened on the same day. >> this is one of the earliest times i can remember a red flag warning being out for the 1st of day. it's been a dry winter. >> station 54 closed last year because of budget problems and reopened with the help of a grant. the chief says a long term solution is still needed since the grant runs out in november of 2014. a new ktvu investigation finds many military veterans are waiting for months to receive their benefits while va executives are cashes big bonus checks. sol of those ran into the five figures. >> reporter: the people who
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recorded this film suggested we show it to you. >> lost about 85% of the left side of his brain. >> reporter: kevin needed 45 surgeries. now that he's back home he's one of tens of thousands of veterans lined up for health benefits from the u.s. department of veterans affairs. a report from the center for investigative reportings says the backlog is huge. the average local veteran must way 427 days to get a claim filled. the executive in charge of all california veterans benefits pocketed $38,000 in salary bonuses over a three year span. >> va spends millions in bonuses and unfortunately it appears that everybody gets one. >> reporter: a total of $2.7 million in salary bonuses given to top brass at the va in one year. we came to washington to ask questions about these bonuses. shortly after we did and posted the bonuses online the va
5:27 pm
announced it's canceling its benefits executive bonuses for this year. an agency spokeswoman telling me they haven't met their goals. by phone the daughter of a former va mental health patient told me bonuses never should have been given. >> it's not about money. these are peoples' mothers and fathers and children that need help. >> reporter: the line for help is long. he said mcclelland received a bonus because of a quote, high level of achievement and exemplary leadership. hundreds of people are marching through oakland for mayday. they say it's about action and equality. new details about the bay bridge. the additional problems that may be lurking on the new eastern span.
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we've been reporting on bad bolts on the new eastern span of the bay bridge for weeks. tonight a new allegation that raises questions about safety in the event of a major earthquake. want to published reports together there is an issue with defective welds on the new tower. tom vacar has been bringing us news of the busted bolts. he's in our newsroom with new details about this latest charge. >> reporter: this is the most critical structure. the new allegation suggests that the welds on the signature tower are defective and may not survive an earthquake. the unconfirmed weld problem only adds to the bridges woes as an army of engineers met to discuss a fix. now potential weld problems on
5:31 pm
the tower. >> while the opening day on labor day weekend is still what we're hoping for. it's not going to determine what we do. what determines what we do is the advice and consensus of the engineers. >> reporter: so the private, nonprofit bay bridge alliance has halted raising the $3.5 million needed to throw the opening bridge walk, run, party and fairworks. only half of which is raised. >> we're on a pause until we learn, like everyone else, from the engineers, cal tran, and others what's going on with the bridge and if it's going to open on labor day. >> reporter: branding expert says the new span brand and public trust is nowsy veerly tarnished. >> the essence of the brand is about earthquake safety. the failure of the rods go at the heart of what they have. >> reporter: susan fox says
5:32 pm
rise the rest of the money from corporations may be impossible if plans -- >> may not happen. may not happen when they want it to happen. and there is the issue of is the bridge such an attractive sponsorship opportunity? it's not as much now. >> reporter: cal trans will announce a specific fix and the opening date next wednesday. a new analysis by the associated press is raising questions about whether california prison officials are overusing antipsychotic drugs on inmates. figures compiled by the ap show since a federal receiver took over the state prisons medical system, california has spent a far greater percentage on antipsychotic drugs than have other states that also have large prison systems. the california budget analyst and the court appointed authority that buy drugs for the prisons have both questioned the level of
5:33 pm
spending on those antipsychotics. reaction is mixed to new rules on the morning after pill as pharmacists are wondering how they're going to implement those rules. the fda complied to make plan b available without a prescription to girls as young as 15. the obama administration has until may 5th to appeal the decision. if there is no appeal, the court order will stand. there is disagreement. >> i think people should be planning ahead. you should be using more reliable, safer contraception. >> bad things happen like rape, incest. girls need to have access to that. >> the nda says that girls will have to produce a valid id that confirms their age. pharmacists they they're concerned about those who don't have an id but still want the pill. auto makers posted some of their best sales figures in
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years. general motor and chrysler sales rose 11%. nissan gained 23%. toyota and volkswagen were the only companies showing a decline. slowdown in hiring and manufacturing put a damper on stocks. posted a big jump in sales because of its growing mobile ad business. sales were up 38% in the first quarter. about 30% of that jump was due to advertising on mobile devices. revenue of almost $1.5 billion also beat estimates. may 1st or mayday is being marked by two rallies in oakland. one next to city hall. another is being held at a park. live pictures of the second rally. hopefully we have the live pictures. hundreds of people you can see are marching to the park.
5:35 pm
they are currently on foot hill. right around 39th street. they have about five or six blocks to go. they're calling for changes in immigration policy. you can see there, at least several hundred protesters on the prove. blocking as they march to the park. paul chambers is in oakland where he talked to one family about why it was so important to take part in today's event. paul. >> reporter: we are at the park where the people end up here. there are people behind me. welcoming them. they say this is about immigration for their grant parents and family. it's also about unity and bringing equality to everyone. for immigrant families, mayday is more than a celebration. it's also a day of action. >> it's important to me because i'm fighting for my rights and also the rights of my children. i want my children to have rights here in this country. >> reporter: through an interpreter, maria rodriguez explains why it's so important
5:36 pm
to have her two children along for this event. she wants them to see how hard she's fighting for immigration reform. >> right now my mom has to fight for our house. she has to work to get the money to pay. also some for the food. >> when they look at me i want them to know i fought for my children. i want them to know i tried and fought. things can be different because we fought together. >> reporter: the rodriguez family moved to the u.s. 7 years ago. rodriguez says she came to the u.s. to give her children an opportunity she didn't have. >> we're not here as delinquent people. we're here in an honorable way. we're doing all the hard work. >> reporter: oakland police say this has been a peaceful march this year. if we can come back out live at the park. there is a big police presence here. just in case anything happens.
5:37 pm
they don't believe anything will happen. they want to be on standby to make sure everything is peaceful. we will stay at the park and bring you more coming up tonight at 6. live in oakland, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. president obama has finally signed a bill into law to keep planes moving on time. the law officially ends faa control tower furloughs. congress passed the legislation so quickly last week the president couldn't actually sign it until now because there were several typos in the bill. the transportation department is now reviewing the bill to see whether it will allow the agency to keep 149 small airport control towers open in the months ahead. you could call it the mother of all mortgages. simple paperwork that may end up saving $90 million from the cost of the new 49ers stadium. the nerd bird. why the name and why it is so important to the south bay. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf...
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that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪ the one and only, cheerios the 1st of may is known as workers day in many places. in cuba it's traditionally been a day for pro government parades and rallies. this year they're doing something it hasn't done since before the revolution. it is asking people to pay taxes. the new stadium for the 49ers may cost less than expected. at least on paper.
5:41 pm
the team are working on getting a new mortgage loan. lower interest rates may save $90 million over the 26 year repayment plan. the project still estimated to cost $1.2 billion because of fees and construction costs. we all saw the progress on the big project. the 49ers hope the stadium will be ready by summer of next year. san jose international airport welcomed some new service today from virgin america airlines. with a lot of fanfare the first flight came in from l.a. it's one of four daily round trips between san jose and lax. virgin america employees have nicknamed their flights the nerd birds because their airline is a favorite among tech savvy folks. >> we make sure we have the best entertainment system in the sky. we have the most comfortable seating. we have things like wi-fi. we have the ability for one person to communicate from their seat to somebody else in
5:42 pm
a different seat. >> virgin america is also looking at expanding to other destinations from san jose including new york and washington, d.c. we get a first look at aaron hurt. the day after he returned from boston. how he's doing. heat advisory goes into effect tomorrow. it will be warm to hot. possible records as well. specific forecast high for your city back here in 10 minutes.
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5:45 pm
the martinez boy injured in the boston marathon bombings got his birthday wish today. the now 1-year-old woke up in his own -- the now 12-year-old woke up in his own bed. john has new pictures to share with us of this little boy we've learned so much about. >> reporter: we walked out of their home. we got video of the boy sitting there playing with his new ipod touch. take a look at that video. that ipod touch he got from one of the folks at the boston hospital. his dad told us good news about him today. they went to the hospital today here in the bay area. and the doctor actually removed the 85 staples that were still in his left leg. that's very good news. also he's been doing quite a bit of walking. actually walked about 7 minutes on a treadmill. after the bombing, of course, he had some problems with his appetite. yesterday his father told me he
5:46 pm
ate two in-n-out burgers. all of this a big reason why the community is breathing a big sigh of relief. all afternoon the home had a stream of kids coming and going to see aaron. >> surgery, i'm so glad he's finally doing kind of okay. >> reporter: dana went to high school with aaron's father and her son is good friends with aaron. >> he just really felt that he wanted to give a note or some sort of wish that he was feeling for this kid. >> reporter: the latest step in this odyssey was yesterday when aaron arrived home from boston after spending most of the last two weeks in the hospital. this photo shows him at sfo receiving a hero's welcome. people at the deli are happy to have aaron home. >> when i opened up my e-mail and saw his picture and that he was home it was heart filling and we're just there to support
5:47 pm
the family if they need any more support. and community, everybody. everybody is there for them. >> reporter: martinez has a small town feel. we net neighbor at kinders. >> martinez people stick together. >> reporter: back at the house, we saw numerous kids sign the welcome home banner on the garage door. they wrote things like please come back to school as soon as you can. by the looks of him, aaron wants to get back to school as quickly as he can. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >> how about that. the grateful dead is canceling its performance next week. this comes after guitarist bob weir fell on stage last week. according to his website the band sun able to perform for the next several weeks due to unforeseen circumstances. they were scheduled to play in napa on may 9 president. the statement says he plans to hit the road in late june for some solo shows. authorities are
5:48 pm
investigating an outbreak of valley fever at two solar plants under construction. 28 workers got sick at the tow paz solar farm and the california valley solar ranch. valley fever can cause flu-like symptoms. it spread when people inhale fun gal spores. they are also trying to control an outbreak in prisons, there's no sign of a decrease in violence on television. parents television council says in the days after the school shootings there was little or no drop in tv violence. they found nearly half contained violence such as shootings and beatings. the violence becomes more specific and darker as broadcast networks compete with cable networks. archaeologists say they've uncovered the first evidence that some of america's earliest
5:49 pm
colonists resorted to cannibalism. we have a facial forensic reconstruction of a 14-year-old girl who lived in jamestown, virginia in the early 1600s. scientists with the smithsonian discovered her remains in a cellar. they say the girl's bones show signs she was canny ballized after she died. during that winter, starving settlers also ate dogs and shoe leather. one of the most beautiful lookout points will soon be accessible once again. park officials said glacier point road will open noon this friday. the road offers stunning views. visitors are cautioned to watch for wildlife and melting snow. tioga pass road is tentatively set to open may 11th. such a gorgeous place to go. spring time, really any time of
5:50 pm
year. these days the bay area is not a bad place to be either. >> really nice weather. it's hot around here. we're below 100 degrees. we've seen hotter. the red flag warning is going to be dropped in the next few minutes. less wind, but a hotter day. these were the temperatures from today. 90 in santa rosa. 87 in fairfield. highs tomorrow, a lot more 90. the winds up towards the north bay and up on the delta still seeing north winds. fairfield right now, 21 mile-an- hour winds. dangerous fire conditions even though the red flag warning will expire. wind coming off the bay right now. we've talked about that offshore flow. overnight lows, upper 50s in fairfield. almost 60-degrees in some areas tonight. the forecast for tonight is another warm one. winds die down. that wind you heard last night, especially in the north bay. howling winds. not like that tonight at all. winds will be there but not 25,
5:51 pm
35 and 45 miles per hour. the weekend, a cooling trend. tomorrow is going to be the hottest day of the week. high pressure intense fying. air sinks and warms. fog shouldn't be an issue tomorrow. mid90s. even around the bay and the coast we'll see 80. lots of 80s. that's why the bay area has a heat advisory. forecast highs tomorrow. look at the reds. those are 90. they're coming this way. they're coming west. what little sea breeze exists isn't going to keep these 90 from working into places like san rafel. maybe out towards oakland. san jose low 90s. so it's warm tomorrow. forecast high in clear lake, 90, 92 in napa. 91 in sa lay hoe. fire danger mean wes don't have the winds. it's hot, still dry. you can't count counterout the fire danger. no warning. just be -- you know the drill
5:52 pm
around here. 93 in czar toga. 90 degrees in san bruno. drops it off. friday it cools. we get into saturday, sunday and monday and it cools off. which i'm looking forward to that. may see a sprinkle somewhere sunday night, monday. not a real rain event. >> cooler weather is going to be nice. it's considered a lifeline for students. the proposal making its way through the capitol that would provide youngsters a 24 hour outlet. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
5:53 pm
we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are. you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then... where was i... you couldn't pause a show in one room then start playing it in another. and...i'm talking to myself... [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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news chopper 2 live over a march and protest happening now. this is a large group of marchers. we started with them at the bart station earlier this afternoon. we've been monitoring this crowd throughout this newscast. you see they are still in the streets, still apparently very strong in numbers. hundreds of people in this march. the expected wind up spot is just a few blocks from where they are now. we expect them to end up a few blocks away from the spot. we expect there to be to be a closing rally. we have crews covering this story. this is one of a number of marchs happening now as part of a mayday protest. there may be a new resource for victims of school bullying
5:56 pm
in california. today a new bill that would create a 24 hour hotline for students bullied was introduced at the capital. the hotline would be staffed by psychologists and aimed toward students who don't want to talk to their parents about bullying. >> i think especially for our young boys who are right on the brink of being men, it is that pride. because disproportion atly our boys do not report it. they're embarrassed. >> the hotline psychologist would also inform a child's parents and school about the bullying. no word on how much this hotline would cost. today was the first day of the commercial salmon fishing season in california. salmon fishermen say this year's catch promises to be the best in years. the commercial salmon was either canceled all together or shortened until last year. officials with the salmon association are predicting a
5:57 pm
plentiful harvest of fish. the heavy rains of 2012 helped the young salmon thrive in the ocean for two years before heading back upstream. mayday marchs are happening around the bay area. crews are with them, more live reports on the call to action from these demonstrators today. >> i just wanted to say thank you for saving my life. >> a life long bond. a bay area girl's first meeting with the man who made a life saving lowe donation to her. 0!ockñ?çóxo?ñ=çñññçvxqx?ñññ?óioy
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
people are gathering to protest the minimum wage. what they're demanding and how police are responding. people are demanding embrace reform. for some the reasons are deeply personal. live in san jose where thousands have gathered for a large immigration reform protest and rally. a live look at wine country. flames are consuming acres upon acres of dry brush. >> ktvu crews are speaking with fire officials right now about the plan of attack for tonight.
6:00 pm
good evening everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. protesters have spent the day on the streets of oakland, san francisco and san jose. they are marching, chanting and taking over business districts. we have live team coverage tonight. our crews have spent the day fanned out speaking to protesters and police who are locked in a delicate balance of free speech and public safety. we begin with roberter handa in san jose. >> reporter: we are live at san jose city hall. you can see thousands of people have filled the plaza from two separate marchs and joined together for one big rally. all to support immigration reform. the crowd is made up of all ages and have filled a good portion of this plaza. chanting, singing, as well as circulating around petitions. urging to paz a comprehensive reform bill. the speakers addressing the crowd


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